Tips from our Partner

the Arbor Day Foundation

All of us at GreenPrint are thrilled to celebrate just over 2 years of a partnership with our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation. In the spirit of support, did you know that National Arbor Day is coming up? This Arbor Day learn ways that you can get involved and check out what the folks at the Arbor Day Foundation are doing to celebrate!

The best way that you can celebrate Arbor Day is by planting trees! Celebrate within your community by getting together and planting some trees.  This is a good way to get everyone involved including the kids! Pick up some trees from your local nursery and find a good spot to plant them, think about a spot that the whole community knows or needs some cleaning up.  This is a good learning experience for kids and they can watch the tree grow to remember that they helped plant that in the community.

You can also get the kids involved by making it a birthday party.  Celebrate the history of trees and make it fun! Be educational about why we need trees. Trees help us breathe, they give us shade and they provide shelters to animals; this is just naming a few! Use natural materials and make some crafts, there are so many ways you can turn a leaf into a work of art. A great party favor would be some tree seedlings!

Consider events already happening in your community! Most communities will bring everyone together for Arbor Day and there might be a fun interactive event near you.  If you are more into doing your own thing, whatever it is, get outdoors and celebrate the trees all around you!

The National Arbor Day Foundation website is a great resource for all things Arbor Day.  You can learn how to plant a tree, get educated on trees, decide what materials you need for your party and more! Learn more today! Don’t forget if you want to become a member the Arbor Day Foundation will provide you with 10 FREE trees!  You can decide to have them for yourself, send them to someone else, plant them in a national forest or a rain forest.This could be another great, feel-good activity for this year’s National Arbor Day.

We at GreenPrint support everything that the Arbor Day Foundation is doing and are thrilled that we have been able to plant over 25,000 trees through our partnership! We cannot wait to see what our numbers look like next year as our partnership continues to grow.