GreenPrint Has Teamed Up with 7-Eleven for a

Pilot Program Called RENEW™!

We are so excited to announce and welcome the collaboration with 7-Eleven, through the RENEW™ pilot program. This program will be available to 93 stores in Seattle, Portland, and Madison, Wisconsin!

Through our latest reduced emissions program, RENEW™ customers will be able to reduce emissions by simply purchasing the same high-quality fuel they have always pumped at 7-Eleven stores. GreenPrint will calculate tailpipe emissions from gasoline sales to determine the amount to invest in certified carbon reduction projects to help neutralize those emissions in the atmosphere. Depending on the type of fuel purchased, emissions can be offset by up to 30 percent.

“As the convenience retail leader, we’re uniquely positioned to promote sustainability by bringing innovative programs like RENEW™ to market,” said Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven President, and Chief Executive Officer. “This program, coupled with our 2025 corporate social responsibility targets, furthers our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, and offers customers a way to make a positive impact on the environment and their local communities.”

We are thrilled that this program is up in running in all 3 markets, and will continue to run through the year. This program is unlike any other clean transportation offering or program. Our programs don’t require new software, fuel, vehicles, hardware, or equipment that would require an expense or installation process.

“We are honored to run this test program with a brand like 7-Eleven that has consistently demonstrated a willingness to be innovative,” said Pete Davis, founder and CEO of GreenPrint. “Their commitment to aggressively pursue sustainability initiatives to benefit the environment sets them apart from competitors. The RENEW™ program will continue that commitment while creating a unique connection with their customers.”

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