How GreenPrint Celebrated

Arbor Day

Crucial to our daily lives, trees prevent erosion, provide habitats for animals, reduce noise pollution, and convert CO2 (the main pollutant from motor vehicles) into oxygen for us to breathe. It is no secret that trees provide some amazing benefits for human beings! Every April, the significance and benefits of trees is celebrated on Arbor Day. Along with recognizing the importance of treesArbor Day provides an opportunity for us to assist in the conservation, protection and promote the expansion of trees. All across the country, events, such as tree plantings, are held on Arbor Day. This year, several of GreenPrint’s affiliates participated in the celebration. Here’s a recap of some of the differences that were made in communities across the nation on Arbor Day 2018.

In El Paso, Texas, 17 ALON 7-Eleven Strive employees planted trees in Aztec Calendar Park in cooperation with the West Texas Forestry Council on Arbor Day 2018.  The Strive program, which recently expanded to El Paso, is aided by the Arbor Day Foundation and has committed to planting 40,000 trees in both Texas and New Mexico.

In metro Chicago, PRIDE Purpose celebrated Arbor Day by handing out 1,500 tree seedlings to Kane CountyCougar baseball fans following a home game against the Burlington Royals. This commitment to planting trees was made possible through partnerships with the Kane County Cougars and Morton Arboretum. Along with PRIDE Purpose, we are proud to play a role in the planting of trees in the Chicagoland community.

Tennessee-based Twice Daily convenience stores launched Thrive, the first reduced emissions program in the state, on Arbor Day 2018.  With locations across Middle Tennessee and several in Kentucky, Thrive has committed to planting 25,000 trees in conjunction with the Arbor Day Foundation. This groundbreaking program will provide drivers an opportunity to offset emissions, plant trees and breathe easier!

In the Northwest, over 30 7-Eleven RENEW volunteers celebrated Arbor Day by participating in two separate projects in Portland, Oregon. The first project focused on the cleanup and improvement of picnic areas and playgrounds in Washington Park. The second project focused on weeding out invasive plant species, mulching 25 tree beds, and planting three red alder trees— which are native to the Northwest in Hoyt Arboretum. Several other native species such as ferns, salal and snowberry shrubs were also planted by the volunteers.

We are thrilled with a growing footprint and impactful program across the country!