New Membership with the

Sustainable Packaging Coalition

GreenPrint is proud to announce a new membership with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. We have joined over 250 companies within the coalition that are dedicated to creating more sustainable packaging.

Since 2004, the Sustainable Packaging Coalition has been a leading voice on packaging sustainability. Their mission is to collaborate with businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to use the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. They are passionate about creating packaging that is good for people and good for the environment. The SPC’s work is based on the principles of collaboration, education, and action. They provide thought leadership and bring their members together to strengthen and advance the business care for more sustainable packaging.

The SPC envisions a world where all packaging is sourced responsibly, optimized for efficiency, effectively recovered, non-toxic and low impact. Using alternative packaging, such as compostable packaging, reduces the volume of materials that end up in the landfill and dramatically minimizes associated greenhouse gases.

By becoming a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, GreenPrint has the opportunity to introduce new project ideas, participate in Industry Leadership Committees, and contribute to resources. At GreenPrint, we want to be part of the discussion about packaging and how to reduce its environmental impact.

At GreenPrint, we share a similar mission with the SPC. We want to get the carbon cycle back in balance. We have created reduced emissions programs for fleet card providers, retail fuel providers such as convenience stores and gas stations, hospitality providers, and more! We do this through a number of ways, but primarily through registered, certified carbon reduction projects. We supply our clients with certifications such as E&Y Certifications as well. All of our programs are designed to support the environment through offsetting emissions but also focus on the community and how each program can make a difference.

“Our goal at GreenPrint is to offer our clients the opportunity to deepen their environmental and social impact through reduced emissions programs. The SPC gives companies a similar opportunity to learn more about and create environmental change through more sustainable packaging. We are eager to incorporate sustainable packaging into our core product offerings,” said Pete Davis, Founder, and CEO of GreenPrint.

We support the SPC’s mission to inspire the collaboration of different companies to create more sustainable packaging and are excited to be apart of their community.