GreenPrint Chosen to Present at

Venture Atlanta 2018

GreenPrint Corporation, the creator of the world’s first reduced emissions fuel program technology, announced today that it has been chosen out of hundreds of applicants as one of the top 34 rising star technology companies in the Southeast that will present on stage at Venture Atlanta 2018. The 11th annual Venture Atlanta, the Southeast’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital, will be held October 16-17 in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

With representation of over 140 funds, an expected attendance of over 900 technology entrepreneurs, premier investors and key executives from across the country as well as over 30 selected Venture Atlanta “startup showcase companies” to watch, this year’s Venture Atlanta is on track to be the largest and best yet.

We are extremely proud to be chosen as one of 34 selected presenting companies from a large pool of applicants that represent the region’s most innovative tech business. Check out what Trenton Spindler, GreenPrint’s Co-founder and COO had to say about the upcoming presentation at Venture Atlanta.

What was your initial reaction when you found out that GreenPrint had been chosen to present at Venture Atlanta this year?

Trenton: I was thrilled at GreenPrint’s selection. Our team has put in a lot of hard work since we first presented at Venture Atlanta in 2015 and having the opportunity to present this year as a featured company was an outstanding accomplishment. We are, at our core, a passionate and talented bunch of individuals who push ourselves, and clients, for excellence. To see that recognized in our hometown is exciting. Not to mention, we are on pace to offset emissions on over 1 billion gallons this year – a pretty amazing accomplishment for a company that only started in 2014.

Why is presenting at Venture Atlanta important for the growth of GreenPrint?

Trenton: When we presented at Venture Atlanta in 2015, we had no idea how beneficial the relationships we formed there would be. Using our 2015 experience, we feel that Venture Atlanta in 2018 will continue to provide us unparalleled avenues for mentorship, exposure to strategic capital, and a platform for us to better tell our client’s success stories.

Who has been made a huge impact or has helped GreenPrint reach the level of success it sees today?

Trenton: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I cannot emphasize enough how valuable our team, advisors, board members, and strategic partners have been throughout our growth and success since 2014. Whether it was providing an introduction, lending an expert opinion, or providing tools and resources that would have otherwise been unobtainable, GreenPrint owes a large part of its success to the people who have put in the long hours and gone above and beyond.

What are you most looking forward to while at Venture Atlanta this year?

Trenton: I expect that Venture Atlanta will provide GreenPrint a springboard into, and beyond, our next growth stage. Whether it is connecting with VCs, Private Equity Firms, angels, or just other entrepreneurs, I know that whatever we get out of Venture Atlanta will far exceed our expectations. Hopefully by 2020 we’ll be talking about 100 billion gallons gallons of fuel offset rather than just 1 billion!

What do you expect to learn from Venture Atlanta?

Trenton: Every time we’ve presented or attended Venture Atlanta, we come away with new perspectives and relationships. It’s my hope that 2018 will be no different and we’ll be back on stage in 2020 for a different reason – hopefully giving back, providing guidance and mentorship, and making the community a better place for entrepreneurs.

On October 16-17, GreenPrint will share the stage with an impressive lineup of other technology innovators as well as expert speakers including keynotes by former NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and Dave DeWalt, former CEO of FireEye, McAfee, and Documentum. To learn more about Venture Atlanta, visit their website here.