2018 Recap

Venture Atlanta

On October 16-17th in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Venture Atlanta hosted the top 34 rising star technology companies in the Southeast. The 11th Annual Venture Atlanta is the Southeast’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital.

Over 140 funds were represented, along with over 900 technology entrepreneurs, premier investors and key executives from across the country. Attendees were able to watch over 30 startup showcases that were selected by Venture Atlanta. GreenPrint received the honor of being chosen from hundreds of applicants to present at this year’s venture.

Venture Atlanta isn’t a new venture for GreenPrint, as we presented back in 2015, only one year after the founding of the company. Since 2015, GreenPrint has grown tremendously and at this year’s conference, we shared the stage with an impressive lineup of other technology innovators, as well as several expert speakers.  Keynote speakers included former NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and Dave DeWalt, former CEO of FireEye, McAfee, and Documentum.

Several leaders of GreenPrint, Pete Davis (Founder, CEO), Trenton Spindler (Co-Founder, COO), Maryann Garrett (Director of Operations and Accounts), and Nate Marsh (CRO) were in attendance this year. Trenton and Maryann both shared briefly on their experience.

How did presenting at Venture Atlanta compare and how was it different from 2015 to 2018?

TS: It has been a pleasure to see how far Venture Atlanta has come since 2015. While successful in its own right, the conference has truly grown into an event that gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the Southeast and beyond. One large change I’ve noticed is that the event, due to its regional success, is now garnering more attention from investors across the country. It’ll be exciting to see how large the event will become in the upcoming years.

What were some key learnings that you took away from Venture Atlanta 2018?

TS: Venture Atlanta (and similar events) remind you that everyone has a story to tell. As such, and if you want to succeed, it forces you to make sure your story is more compelling.

Any impressive conversations or companies you found interesting?

MG: Some impressive companies I found interesting at Venture Atlanta were 2ULaundry and Goodr. There were so many awesome companies, but those stood out to me as some of the most interesting presenters – mostly because it’s stuff I care about. Goodr seems like a great concept, designed to support communities and give back, much like some of GreenPrint’s programs and products. 2ULaundry is a delivery laundry service that would definitely come in handy for my significant other and I since we both hate doing laundry!

What was your favorite part of Venture Atlanta 2018?

TS: Venture Atlanta’s best feature is its ability to bring diverse groups of entrepreneurs and investors together. The amount of intellectual capital, experience, and influential people that attend is inspiring (and not to mention beneficial for either starting or growing a new venture). Pair this with the ever improving list of presenters, keynote speakers, and mentors that are actively engaged with the event and its attendees, and you end up leaving the conference a slightly better professional and entrepreneur.

MG: My favorite part of Venture Atlanta was seeing such a presence of well-respected, impressive technology companies representing Georgia. There were many comments made by some influential speakers about how the Atlanta tech community is really starting to make a name for itself. Venture Atlanta was one small way to prove that to be true! I also really enjoyed hearing the stories of folks such as Phyllis Newhouse, CEO of Xtreme Solutions, Frank Bisignano, CEO and Chairman of First Data, and Zach Nelson, Former CEO of Netsuite. Among the many impressive careers they’ve all built, they had incredible drive and thought processes behind their success. It was inspiring to hear the ups and downs throughout their career journeys.