Sustainability that helps the bottom line?

They said it couldn't be done

We developed a new business model to prove them wrong.

What started as addressing the need for carbon producing businesses to mitigate their environmental impact has evolved into a new business category: sustainability as a service. We exist in the intersection of environmental technology, marketing agencies and sustainability experts. As leaders in our industry, we partner with businesses of all types to help them become environmentally sustainable with simple, easy to implement products.

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Driven by business, inspired by

We’re on a mission to intertwine business value with positive environmental impact. By partnering with us, you’ll experience what makes us different:

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Pioneering spirit

We’re constantly developing new ways to impact environmental sustainability. This means we can serve each client in the way that’s going to benefit them the most.

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Driving growth

Developing your reputation as a sustainable company results in higher brand value—and more customers. We’re your partner in sustainability and in business.

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Impact and results

Our unique approach to sustainability offers turnkey products that get results fast. Whether you’re just starting out, or want to get over the finish line on your sustainability goals, we have you covered.

Passionate leadership brings innovative thinking across the board.

Times visited Disney
More than Morgan & Trenton combined.
Secret hobby
Bird watching.
Fun fact
Painted houses, worked construction, and farmed on an orange grove.
Sustainability Goal
Install solar panels on my house.

Pete Davis

Pete is a Co-Founder & CEO of GreenPrint. He has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and leader in marketing, loyalty, and financial services. Prior to GreenPrint, Pete co-founded Cartera Commerce, which pioneered the card-linked offer industry and grew the company to over $30 million in revenue before selling it.

Similar to GreenPrint, Cartera provided a value added, software enabled, marketing service to fortune 500 companies such as Citibank, Chase, Amex, Delta, American Airlines and other large card issuers, airlines, retailers as a value-added service for their clients.

Outside the office, Pete loves to spend time with his wife, two kids and two dogs enjoying the outdoors, hunting for new, usually vegetarian, restaurants, relaxing to a movie, or catching some live music.

# Books read and/or listened to in 2019
# of Soccer balls hidden around the office
Weird fact
He doesn’t like sugar or dessert.
Sustainability Goal
Stop using single-use plastic when and where possible in 2020 (and help everyone drive with reduced emissions fuel).

Trenton Spindler

Trenton Spindler is the Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for GreenPrint. Originally from San Diego, California, he moved to Atlanta to attend Emory University. Since then, he has been successfully building and operating companies in Atlanta for the past decade. A critical voice that is not afraid to challenge the status quo, Trenton is a proven product strategist, operator, and innovator.  His thrives on turning ideas into scalable success stories. Recently, he was named a TiE Atlanta Top Entrepreneur and an Atlanta 30 Under 30 Award winner.

Trenton began working with Pete Davis in 2014 to launch the world’s first Sustainability as a Service product, known today as GreenPrint. Previously, Trenton worked as Vice President of Operations and Products for the mobile technology company, Thumb Friendly.

Outside of the office, Trenton can be found exploring the outdoors across the southeast with his amazing wife (Laura), playing goalkeeper (a little too competitively) on the soccer pitch, finding an excuse to travel abroad, or reading one of his (never ending supply of) new books.

Number of T’s in first name
1 (it’s all you need)
Full/Half Marathons Ran
Beat Nate in Golf
Every time and while blind folded.
Sustainability Goal
Go fully digital and print as little as possible.

Scot Crawford

Scot Crawford is an operational and process-oriented financial executive with over 10 years of experience in technology and start-up business, bolstered by his MBA from Emory University. As the CFO of GreenPrint, Scot brings strategic planning, visibility, focus and direction to the financial aspects of the business.

Prior to GreenPrint, Scot was Chief Financial Officer at m2M Strategies, a marketing technology company, where he played a significant role in engineering the merger with GetOne Rewards. He was able to successfully develop multi-year financial models for budgeting and forecasting purposes and re-engineer financial accounts.

Though Scot may be quiet, he is the office comedian with subtle jabs usually tended at Nate. A master outdoorsman and a profound athlete, you can find him on the golf course, kayaking, cycling or running full marathons. But don’t be fooled, he also makes time to relax and play a few rounds of D2. You can find him on XBOX, if you want to also get beaten in video games.

Miles Driven for Kids Sporting Events
Countries Visited
Sustainability Goal
Offset 100% of travel between kids school and sports.

Nate Marsh

Nate Marsh, current Chief Revenue Officer for GreenPrint, boasts a wide variety of experience in sales, operations, and business development with years of achievement and invaluable contribution throughout his career.

Nate acts as the face of GreenPrint by speaking at and attending several conferences worldwide, such as the NACS Convenience Summit Europe and EUROFORUM Deutschland, focusing on the future of convenience stores and the innovation surrounding this industry. In addition, Nate has been published in NACS magazine, which includes an article highlighting GreenPrint and explains our mission and vision.

When he’s not at work or spending time with his three kids, he devotes pretty much all free time to the East Side Baseball (little league) Association and his church. As an avid sports fan, Nate recognizes the inherent benefits of investing in children’s lives through involvement in sports, and emphasizes his dedication to giving back to something that gave so much to him throughout his life.