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How Companies Can Make Last-Mile Delivery Sustainable 

Today, consumer expectations are ever evolving. As more consumers consider e-commerce, it’s increasingly important for companies to address the emissions stemming from the last leg of a product’s journey to a consumer’s doorstep to help achieve global climate targets. According to GreenPrint’s 2021 Business of Sustainability Index, 77% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases, and 73% will use a product’s environmental friendliness as a factor in their purchasing decision.

New Rule on Disclosing Emissions Proposed by SEC

A new rule from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will potentially shine a brighter light on climate-related risks from registered U.S. companies. Starting with the SEC registration process, certain climate-related disclosures could now be required as part of a company’s registration statement. After the initial disclosure, the inclusion of climate-related information would then continue through periodic reports required for all new and existing companies. Under this new rule, companies would also have to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

Sustainability is opportunity for differentiation in convenience and forecourt retail

Convenience stores and forecourt retailers should seize on sustainability initiatives as a means for differentiating their businesses while also having a positive impact on the environment. And they should start small but expand as they meet with success. That’s according to Lars Kvale, VP of sustainability solutions at GreenPrint, the global environmental technology company, whose programmes help companies meet sustainability goals while increasing brand value and customer loyalty.

Small Acts for a Big Impact — Watching the Country Reopen after Coronavirus

Since the middle of March, coronavirus has been impacting our lives. We’ve considered fears that never crossed our minds just a few short months ago. Nothing feels quite right in this time of coronavirus, but thankfully, it’s not all bad. Our eyes have opened to things we were too busy to see before, and maybe, once ‘normal’ is restored, we’ll appreciate them more.

Plastic Waste – A Call to Action

Plastic trash is polluting our environment. We are flooded with statistics about what this evasive material is doing to our oceans and wildlife. But we can’t become numb to the problem. Rather, the data should serve as a motivator, calling you to action. Not enough plastic is collected. Not enough plastic is recycled. It’s ending up everywhere now, even in the water we drink. Why?

We are committed to doing better.

As a company, we value trust, honesty, integrity and inclusion and we can do better. As a small, purpose-driven Atlanta-based business we are starting with the following actions and will build on them through ongoing conversations with our team, our customers and the communities we serve. We stand against racism and injustice and will do our part to bring about positive change and a more equitable society.

Venture Atlanta 2018 Recap

On October 16-17th in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Venture Atlanta hosted the top 34 rising star technology companies in the Southeast. The 11th Annual Venture Atlanta is the Southeast’s premier event for connecting technology innovation and investment capital. Over 140 funds were represented, along with over 900 technology entrepreneurs, premier investors and key executives from across …

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GreenPrint Celebrates Arbor Day with Tips from Partner the Arbor Day Foundation

All of us at GreenPrint are thrilled to celebrate just over 2 years of a partnership with our friends at the Arbor Day Foundation. In the spirit of support, did you know that National Arbor Day is coming up? This Arbor Day learn ways that you can get involved and check out what the folks …

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