Jari/Pará REDD+

Almeirim, Pará, Brazil

Reducing Deforestation Risks and Developing Family Agriculture in Symbiosis with the Forest

The Jari/Pará REDD+ project is located in the municipality of Almeirim, the state of Pará, in Brazil.

The context
The Valley of Jari in northern Brazil plays an important socio-environmental role in the region as it serves as home to many rural families and because it forms an ecological corridor with rich biodiversity, diverse plant formations, and species of ecological and social importance. Over 2,000 different types of animals live in the area, including over 100 endangered species. Despite its great importance, the area is constantly threatened by the degradation of forests due to agricultural and livestock activities, human settlements, and large infrastructure work.

The project
The Jari/Pará REDD+ project is an ongoing community‐based project that safeguards large areas of forest to prevent deforestation and degradation. To further ensure the safety of this biodiverse habitat, local people will be trained in sustainable farming practices and forest management.

The benefits
The environmental benefits of this project include: mitigating climate change by preventing deforestation and reducing greenhouse gases, protecting over 128,457 acres of tropical rainforest, and preserving the habitat of 2,000+ unique animal species.

Socioeconomic benefits of this project include: establishing community cooperatives and supporting new economic activities for the local community.

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Project Type:



Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation

Emissions Reduction:

525,314 tCO2e annually


Verified Carbon Standard
PROJECT sustainability GOALS

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