McCloud River

Shasta, California

Sustainable Forest Management, Carbon Sequestration, and Habitat Preservation

The McCloud River Project is a conservation-based forest management project in the Pondosa Forest, located along the border between Siskiyou and Shasta counties in northern California. The project area covers approximately 20,159 acres and is adjacent to Shasta National Forest near McCloud Falls.

The context
This area is a mixed conifer forest, dominated by white fir, incense cedar, ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, and sugar pine, with species of dogwood, hazel, whitethorn, and golden chinquapin. The forest provides a habitat for deer, bobcat, cougar, badger, trout, and black bear.

The project
The project is guided by the terms of the conservation easements, which have explicit goals aimed at maintaining and enhancing the mixed conifer forests. These goals include having a complex, multistory forest with a variety of densities and heights throughout the property, composed of the native species currently on the site, including, specifically hardwoods as well as conifers. The easements also prohibit the introduction of non-native species. Rare or sensitive habitats such as wet meadows, riparian areas, and aspen groves are also given protection.

The benefits
Sustainable forest management increases carbon stores. Other benefits achieved include the protection of local water quality and habitat protection for sensitive species while responsible resourcing of the timber supports the local economy.

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Project Type:



Conservation-Based Forest Management

Emissions Reduction:

659,793 tCO2e annually


Climate Action Reserve
PROJECT sustainability GOALS

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