Rhode Island Tree Council

Providence, RI

The Rhode Island Tree Council helps improve Rhode Island’s tree resources, build healthy and vibrant urban forests, and educates citizens about urban forestry. A non-profit, tax-exempt, 501C (3) entity, the group offers a wide variety of programs and resources designed to educate the public on the benefits and value of trees. RI Tree’s membership is open to all. It includes local organizations, professional consultants, and individual volunteers, who act as Advisors and Trustees for the organization and serve on its Board of Directors. We invite everyone to join in our efforts to educate the public on the importance of trees and how they protect the environment.

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The Rhode Island Tree Council
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The projects featured reflect our cumulative portfolio and include several projects that have since stopped producing certified credits, may be pending credit issuance, or are under development. More information about our process can be found here.