Wind Park Vader Piet

San Nicolas Noord, Aruba

Using their Famous Tradewinds to Power a Nation

Following efforts to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and CO2 emissions, Aruba built Wind Park Vader Piet in the winter of 2009. Wind Park ‘Vader Piet’ is located on the east coast of the island.

The context
Wind Park Vader Piet supports Aruba’s ultimate goal of creating a socially, environmentally, and economically resilient island that takes advantage of the efficient use of its abundant natural and clean resources and implements projects that will sustain high-quality local jobs for current and future generations.

The project
The project consists of 10 turbines, with a combined generating capacity of 30MW, as well as the infrastructure required to connect it to Aruba’s grid. The project supplies around 18% of Aruba’s energy needs. Aruba has a high demand for power due to its need to desalinate seawater for fresh water on the island.

The benefits
The benefits of Wind Park Vader Piet are numerous: it reduces the import of fossil fuels, thus reducing the dependence on foreign sources and strengthening the nation’s energy security and self-sufficiency. The project increases employment opportunities in the area and enhances local investment opportunities, improving the local economy. By diversifying sources of electricity generation, it supports the transition away from fossil fuel-based electricity generation. Last, it reduces GHG emissions, especially CO2, by displacing energy from thermal power plants.

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Emissions Reduction:

152,783 mt CO2e


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