Keep plastic out of the environment

keep customers coming back

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish. Consumers understand the devastating effect plastic has on our planet, and are seeking out companies who are doing something about their plastic waste output.

We offer turnkey offsetting solutions to help you become plastic neutral, and work to promote a sustainable, circular plastics economy. We can show you how to keep plastic in the cyclical economy through recycling, instead of being used once and thrown away. And by doing something about plastic, you’re also attracting consumers.

Having a
plastic footprint nets you more than profits.

Consumers care about plastic pollution, and partnering with us helps you reach them.

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Attract purpose-driven customers

Consumers in every industry want to do business with companies who care about the environment. And by partnering with us, you can attract those customers while reducing your plastic impact.

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Plastic-neutral branding

Your environmental effort can speak for itself. Brand your services and products with plastic neutral messaging, and create a competitive advantage


Achieve CSR targets

Live your values. Our turnkey plastic offsetting products turn your corporate citizenship principals into effective, impactful actions.


Extend your impact

To help reduce catastrophic plastic pollution, we can help you incorporate recycled plastic into your supply chain instead of new plastic.

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Plastic solutions for our partners

We partnered with Prayani to calculate and reduce their plastic footprint. The line of Raita Indian Yogurts has a mission is to bring people and communities together through food. They believe that experiencing new cultures leads to understanding, empathy, and acceptance. Having a Plastic Neutral footprint helps Prayani live the fullest expression of their mission and gives their customers more reason to love their products.

Reducing your plastic footprint is less daunting than you think.

Our process is simple, and it offers you many innovative ways to offset or lessen your plastic usage.

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With our patented technology, we determine the impact of your plastic usage on the environment.

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Through a third party verified network of plastic collectors, we remove and recycle a proportionate amount of plastic waste from the environment.

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We partner with Plastic Bank, as well as a network of over 2,000 global non-profits dedicated to creating a cleaner environment—and the whole process is attested to by the security of Ernst & Young. 

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We brand, market, and promote the program creating a turnkey sustainable platform for your business.