Support renewable energy

energize your customer base

Renewable energy certificates help you offset your energy usage and earn consumer loyalty.

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) represent proof that renewable energy from solar, wind, hydroelectric or others was produced and sent into the power grid. By purchasing and pairing RECs with your electricity, it allows you to support renewable energy no matter where you source your power. Consumers will pay more for services and products offered by companies who support renewables, creating a win-win for the environment, and for you.

Our RECs
work harder
than just supporting renewable energy sources.

As your sustainability partner, get the added value only we can provide:

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Flexible matching

Choose how much of your expended energy you want to match with renewables—20%, 50%, or 100% of your energy can be offset by purchasing RECs.

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Easy implementation

Our turnkey products and solutions ensure you don’t have to leave your current utility, and all investments are transparent and third party certified.

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Brand differentiation

Use our custom marketing plan to promote your social responsibility to consumers and build goodwill among employees.

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Peace of mind

As global governments change infrastructure policies and demand more renewable energy use, you can stay ahead of the regulations.


We walk the Renewable Energy talk.

GreenPrint powered our own corporate event with 100% renewable energy.  During a major industry conference, we partnered with the venue to offset the energy usage with clean renewable sources. We calculated usage and invested in the equivalent amount of renewable energy. We were proud to host guests from all over the globe, and from industry leading companies while furthering renewable energy projects. We can do the same for any kind of conference or event you may host, attend or sponsor.

Renewable energy that goes beyond the power grid.

Our unique process sets us apart—and gives you all the support you need make an impact. 

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Reduce energy impact

For every megawatt-hour of renewable electricity generated, one REC is produced. By purchasing, your company can claim renewable energy consumption, no matter your current power source.

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Purchase RECs

We purchase RECs and other relevant credits around the world to match up to 100% of the energy used by your business.

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Extend impact

RECs also provide additional funding to renewable energy developers and projects to help them compete with traditional energy sources.

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Spread the message

We’ll create a custom marketing and communication plan to tell the story of your sustainability efforts, attracting more customers and earning their loyalty.