Offset water in every part of your process

make waves in your industry

Consumers know the value of water conservation and seek out companies who make a difference in environmental sustainability focused on our water system. No matter the industry, whether manufacturing, CPGs, or other industrial processes, consumers respond when you make a positive impact.

Conservation is just the beginning.

Offsetting your water usage does good for the world, but the benefits go beyond goodwill:

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Consumer affinity

Consumers understand the vital importance of our water systems, and are attracted to companies who share that value. Water offsetting can help you reach those customers.

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Water-neutral branding

Create a competitive advantage for yourself when you go water neutral. Develop distinctive branding and tell your story with every product.

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Thought leadership

With our water offsetting investments, you’re supporting new innovations in water conservation, making you a leader in sustainable efforts in your industry.


Community impact

Our solutions include benefits for communities, like erosion control and economic stabilization for populations that depend on local watersheds for their livelihoods.

Take a
approach to water offsetting.

Making an environmental impact that benefits your business is easier than you think.

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Determine impact

With our patented technology, we determine the impact of your water usage on the environment, from industrial processes, manufacturing and cooling, and more.

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Offset water

We then invest in water conservation projects in farming communities to reduce the overall amount of water used, as well as clean up waterways.

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Partner effectively

We partner with non-profits like The Nature Conservancy and the Alfalfa Project to conserve and offset water usage—and the whole process is attested to by Ernst Young.

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Tell your story

We brand, market, and promote your program, which boosts your brand and promotes corporate sustainability across the board. When other companies see you do good, they want to do good too.